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The Kelsey Way

This section gives you an insight into our ethics, investment and commitment as breeders and forms the basis on the way we care for our dogs and raise our puppies here at Kelsey house. Our methods have been tried and tested with multiple litters and follows all the latest research within puppy breeding. We take pride in the way we treat each puppy as an individual and set them up for the future to cope with modern day life and to thrive as adult dogs within your families.


Education is Key!

Learning how to breed ethically and responsibly can feel like an enormous challenge even for the most experienced of breeders, there's such a lot to learn ! And even more of a challenge when it has been a profession without, up until recently in the UK, a formal recognised qualification specifically covering the area of dog breeding, litter socialisation and welfare. 


Considering you’re about to take the lead on a bundle of little lives, not forgetting that of your bitch, who is about to experience motherhood and all that goes with it, its a huge undertaking and responsibility.


Breeding and raising puppies isn’t easy, in fact, it can be a very risky business for both the bitch and her puppies.

Did you know that up to 30% of newborn puppies die within the first 3 weeks of life? Information, Education and experience in all its forms can reduce this, as with the advancement in childbirth.

So my journey as a breeder has been a continuous self education in search of knowledge, proven best practice and a commitment to excel in what we deliver to our dogs, puppies and owners. This has evolved through a  mixture of working alongside a very experienced breeder to learn time tested practice and methods, appointing a breeding mentor to steer and guide us on breed development, current scientific research and practice, CPD courses in Cytology and Sperm Analysis,  and completion of the first:


'Ofqual regulated iPET Network Level 3 Certificate in Dog Breeding, Litter Socialisation and Welfare' 

( The only Ofqual regulated qualification written and delivered by an experienced dog breeder.)


I have a passion and thirst for more knowledge and network with a group of likeminded ethical breeders breeding a range of different breeds, seek out opportunities to attend conferences on the latest science based research.

I am now undertaking the Diploma in Dog Breeding, Litter Socialisation and Welfare'  hopefully completing in 2023. 


The Puppy Pod

 To support our owners as part of our puppy package you will be enrolled to Pupstarts ‘Puppy Pod’  FREE of charge.
The Puppy Pod bridges the gap between your pup leaving me as a breeder and starting puppy classes. From birth up until approx. 16 weeks old is the most important time in a dogs brain development and when you have the best window of opportunity to shape your dogs behaviour, integration and responses.
This is to  assist new puppy owners to succeed  with the right information to continue the dedicted work we have put in once our puppies leave us.

The online puppy training course can be completed at your leisure and gives you information in preparation for collection and instant access to all the crucial information you need to make sure you’re raising your puppy to be a superb little pupstar from the very start!

It won’t just teach you how to get your dog to sit and lie down; we want you to understand all things dog! From how much exercise they need to understanding their body language, so you feel ready for everything that comes your way.

You will also have free exclusive group membership to their private Facebook group. This group is a community group that only Puppy Pod members have access to. This means you can talk to other owners of a variety of breeds who are on the same journey as you. You can swap tips and advice and share experiences. 

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