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Our Puppies At Kelsey House

We don’t breed many litters, but we are very proud of the litters we do produce taking great care in selecting pairings, care of our puppies and subsequent placement in their new home.


Much time, research and investment has been put into producing our quality puppies and all the necessary health tests have been undertaken on our dogs prior to breeding (certificates of these are available to view).

No expense is spared for our girls (or indeed our other dogs!) during their own journey through life and the same applies to any pregnancy and expected litter.


0ur dogs live in our house and all puppies are born and raised in this environment in a dedicated room just off our kitchen. The room is fully equipped, temperature controlled, light, bright, clean and cosy. Mum instinctively knows what to do and when and dictates how much time she will spend with her pups, which is quite remarkable and will freely spend time between her pups and our family.

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Mum and puppies have access directly onto the garden, so pups can enjoy playtime outside, which initiates a good start to outdoor socialisation and toilet training.

Kelsey House puppies receive the ultimate care with appropriate handling, interaction, exposure to everyday stimuli’s  and of course cuddles. We deliver the well-respected puppy enrichment programme ‘Puppy Culture’ from 3 days old which is an incredible training, developmental and socialisation protocol designed to help raise puppies to be calm, confident adults. Alongside this we deliver and ESI (Early Scent Introduction)


Puppies will also benefit from socialisation with other dogs in the household and a mixture of adults and children.


The time and effort we invest in our puppies is rewarded and reflected in well-adjusted puppies that mature into wonderful trainable young adults with the ability to settle into new homes and surroundings.

We do not early spay or neuter, (E.S.N.) our puppies before they leave our home. After much independent research and discussions with numerous vets, we believe that puppies need their hormones to grow, both physiologically and psychologically. We do not feel that E.S.N. benefits the puppies in any way. Until quality research has been undertaken that proves that no harm is done, we will not carry out this procedure.
We do support the spaying and neutering of dogs at a more mature age as this does have some proven health benefits. It is a stipulation within our legally binding Companion Pet Puppy Contract that all pet puppies are spayed or neutered around the age of twelve months and proof of the procedure carried out is provided to Kelsey House before the puppy reaches 14 months of age.


Family Guardian Homes

For us to achieve our breed development goals, we need to have a number of dogs in our programme which can be more than we have the space for in our home.

Australian Labradoodles are companion dogs, very sociable and people oriented and don't do well outside a family environment so to give them the best possible life a Family Guardian home provides us with the perfect solution.


A Family Guardian home enables our puppies with the potential and qualities to join our programme to live with selected families, and participate in our breeding programme for a set period of time.

The Guardian home is entrusted with an important part of our breeding programme and a relationship of honesty and trust is essential for its success. The guardian puppy is part of the Guardian Families home forever, whilst breeding rights are retained by Kelsey house for an agreed period of time. 

There are many benefits including a ‘pick of litter’ puppy with no purchase cost for the puppy to join your Family. The puppy will live with you and enjoy life as your family pet with all the normal responsibilities it brings as for any pet; food, toys, routine vaccinations, insurance etc. Kelsey House is responsible for all costs related to breeding healthcare.

In brief once the puppy reaches maturity we complete the required health screening and If all meets our standards they  join our breeding programme once the girl has reached the minimum of eighteen months or older (normally nearer to 2 years) dependent upon her season cycle.


A breeding girl would have a maximum of 3 litters, as long as all goes well. Normal breeding cycle would mean that your girl would stay or visit Kelsey House for mating typically 3-5 days, and then return to us one week before expected delivery date with the expectation that she would stay at Kelsey House until her puppies are weaned fully or leaving to join their new families at 8 weeks of age (spending approximately 2 months with us as a breeder per litter)  This cycle would be repeated annually for three mating’s total meaning the girl will retire around 5 years of age.


At this point the girl will be spayed and all ownership will be passed to the family and they will continue to live out their life with you as, I’m sure, a much loved family pet.

The process is the same as puppy selection, a completed application form would be required followed by an informal chat, then a visit to meet us and our lovely lot if we both think we would suit each other and wish to proceed.


We would like our families keep in close contact with us and visit occasionally to maintain familiarity and follow certain guidelines with regard to diet, exercise and grooming.

If you are interested in becoming a guardian for one of our puppies please email:

Our Puppy Pack

From us you will receive, in addition to a gorgeous Kelsey House Puppy ! :

  • A wealth of knowledge from experienced Breeders

  • Photo’s and updates through WhatsApp/email of your puppy’s journey

  • Aftercare and support from us for as long as you need us

  • A Contract to protect both you and us

Puppies will go to their new homes fully prepared and with a comprehensive pack, containing your puppy’s individual documents :

  • Signed Health check by Veterinary Surgeon

  • Microchipped - documents / details supplied

  • Worming records carried out at 2/5/8 weeks

  • First vaccinations (Nobivac L2)

  • 1 month’s free insurance through Pet Plan

  • Scented blanket/toy to take home

Information on:

  • Parentage & Introductory guide

  • Daily routine

  • Feeding times and amounts

  • Toilet training

  • Crate training

  • Grooming advice

  • Socialisation/training

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our puppy pack
Family Guardian Homes
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