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Woohoo Fences complete all 485 metres in place !! what a relief no more head counting everytime I'm outside!

So a lot of plans in place for this years puppy programme starting with my Beautiful Belle my foundation Goldendoodle. She will be, hopefully, having her last litter this coming July honeymooning with Cowboy Cash, very excited to see what they produce together.

Belles had two amazing litters previously and is the best mummy ever, she actually smiles when she has her puppies and has tried to take over Merida's litters as well as she thinks she knows best ! All 13 of her puppies were placed with fantastic families who we're still in contact with via WhatsApp on a regular basis so we get lots of fabulous pictures and updates as they have grown up, some lovely pictures attached. Of course we’ve been sharing our journey this last year with the puppy WhatsApp groups and have been humbled and proud with not only with such lovely feedback but in that Belles puppies have not only bought people together but given such pleasure and joy (and I'm sure frustration along the way !) especially over the last 2-3 difficult years where our dogs have been our comfort, salvation and supported our mental health.

It certainly reinforces why we do this, as its masses of work believe me ! and not just for the 8 weeks ! it’s the sheer pleasure of providing that special lifetime companion to a person/family who they are so in tune with and dedicated to which is just irreplaceable.

‘Well done Claire! Great news!🎉 Love your Instagram , so full of fluffy hounds, it’s a

perfect tonic for the doom & gloom in the news🐶🦮🐕‍🦺🐕🐩’ Chloe

‘Fabulous news! The dogs are beautiful 💕im in love with Cash. Nice to see Aunty Merida too. Cant wait to visit. You will make so many people & families happy by changing their lives with a gorgeous puppy- good luck & Ziggy sends a big hug 🤗’ Liz

At this time of year with our gardens and the countryside bursting into bloom, and especially with all the fantastic doodle doggy bluebell shots be mindful to take care with spring bulbs and plants as some contain harmful toxins which can be quite dangerous if ingested however pretty they look ! Quick guide attached but check out the link below for a full list of garden plants that can cause harm.

Bye for now Claire

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