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Romance, Royals and Registration

Belle and Cowboy Cash have honeymooned fingers crossed we’ll have puppies mid-July ready to go to their new homes in September 22…. very excited to see these babies !!! This will be Belle’s final litter. She has always been a super dedicated mummy and has had glorious puppies. Couple of photos of Belle’s last litter for your enjoyment

As a tribute to the Queens Jubilee this litter will have be awarded names with a Royal theme !

We’re also delighted to have been awarded membership to WALA (Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association ) Logos which you will see on our Australian Labradoodle pages, so I thought a bit of an explanation would help. WALA can be likened to the equivalent of the Kennel Club for the Australian Labradoodle breed. It monitors standards, practice, tracks parentage, lineage for the ongoing health and development of the breed. For us this gives us transparency and reliability when considering good pairings for our girls and boys and searching for new bloodlines to enhance our breeding along with a breeders forum for keeping up to date on latest developments and best practice.

Best wishes Claire

Our Mission

‘’To inspire the continuing improvement of the Australian Labradoodle and Labradoodle breeds through education, communication, and integrity in breeders and owners.’’

Our Vision

‘’To be the organization that unites worldwide Australian Labradoodle breeders in a mutual commitment to the long-term benefits of high standards in breeding practices and the cooperative building of a comprehensive and accurate database to preserve pedigrees and health information.’’

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