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Belle & Cash pupdate here at Kelsey House Doodles !

As will be clear from the date of this blog, it’s been a very busy few weeks with little time to sit and write. We have had the arrival eight beautiful pups from our Belle and Cash’s (which was a surprise as her scan only saw 4/5) who all arrived safe and sound, four Boys and four Girls. Even though I do say so myself, this is the most delightful and perfectly formed litter of pups in such a range of colours.

Mum was a star, feasting on lots of good stuff to keep her strength up, delivering all in just over 3 hours, all puppies were a good size and took to feeding well Even the timing was perfect, teatime, our girls were home, very little intervention but we supported where necessary, and it was all very chilled and relaxed.

We have, as previously mentioned, decided to name this litter with a royal theme as a nod to the Queen’s recent Jubilee so we all got to choose two names each !

During the first two weeks, the puppies have all made good progress and have all doubled their birth weight, eyes have opened. Now three weeks and we are in toddler stage and early puppy play which is wonderful to see how they start to interact with each other. Early scent introduction and early stimulation has been in progress since day 2 and we have now moved on to the transitional stage 3-4 weeks to ensure they are well equipped for modern day life i.e. confidence, bravery, socialisation, grooming, vets visits, etc

As usual, Belle is being an excellent mother, she is calm, caring but not over anxious and has no objection at this stage to her pups being handled by their many young admirers.

The next task that faces us, which is probably the most difficult part of breeding, is to identify the right forever homes that will be suitable for our little charges enabling them to continue their journey of growth and development to become an integral, well rounded, adaptable family member —further updates and cute puppy pictures to follow shortly!

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