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Boundaries and Amazing Spaces !!

Well I know this may not excite everyone but for me having my boundary fences nearly completed is a very exiting and a big deal !!!

We’re lucky that we are tucked away with open fields all around but being fenceless and backing onto two huge fishing Lakes (which the dogs love to have a dip in) plus the resident wildlife (deer’s and pheasants pose great challenges for a solid recall !) managing safely all our dogs in our outside space over the last 3 plus months has been one heck of a challenge for sure!! We have a lovely secure large walled grassed courtyard where they can currently stretch their legs and run freely and good local walks but I think it’s safe to say were all fed up with the accompanied lead walking, especially first thing in the morning in pj’s and slippers, to get there. So within the next week they will have free access out into the garden for a run and toilet breaks whenever they like absolute bliss for all !!

Another big step has been re-siting our Oil storage tank (we’re oil heating here) which is the first step towards starting the next project for our dedicated whelping/puppy/dog room. This is a large area adjoining the house next to our kitchen which will house all things doggie related ! Move over George Clarke amazing spaces ….for Kelsey’s Doodle babies Designer space ! Underfloor heating, all wipe clean surfaces, ambient lighting, TV & CCTV monitors, a large new dedicated whelping/puppy area with direct access into the walled courtyard for outdoor puppy play plus another section for a plumbed in dog bath, all my grooming equipment (as I groom all my dogs myself) Thoroughly enjoying, like George, how to divide up the space, maximising light and functionality.…but mostly browsing all the catalogues, colour charts and hunting for accessories !!!

Picture attached introducing ‘Penny’ the peahen inherited with the house, bit disconcerting when she peers in the window at first floor level !! and something else the dogs have learned to live alongside with the other wildlife 😊

Have a great week


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